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House Plans By Style

Have a particular house plan style in mind for your dream home? Our architectural styles are designed to help you find the the house plan with the look and feel that fits your personal preference. Each house plan style is designed to emphasize features that define a regional area and architectural preference. From our Cozy Country Cottages to our Luxury House Plans, you're guaranteed to find one that is ideal for your new home. Browse through our various styles or call us today and we would be happy to assist you in finding the house plan style that is right for you.

A-Frame House Plans

A Cottage with Eccentric Charm A quirky style home, the A-frame was popular in other countries before gain...Read More

Beach House Plans

The Sea is Calling Beachfront houses are perfect vacation homes, second residences, or for the lucky few a...Read More

Bungalow House Plans

Strong Yet Humble Design Bungalow style homes have been around for over a century, popularized by ...Read More

Castle House Plans

The perfect home for those with a keen eye for luxury Making a grand impression is what castle home plans ...Read More

Coastal House Plans

Enjoy the Outdoors Sitting on a swing on your back porch you feel a breeze sweeping across the water. The...Read More

Colonial House Plans

Colonial home plans encompass a wide range of styles that draw influences from Dutch, English, and French a...Read More

Contemporary House Plans

Contemporary house plans are characterized by an absence of any historical style, but instead incorporating...Read More

Cottage House Plans

Imagine sitting on your front porch sipping sweet tea. The ceiling fans whirl above you providing a gentle...Read More

Country House Plans

Country house plans are inspired by an idyllic sense of relaxed rural living. Country house plans trace the...Read More

Craftsman House Plans

Solid Style and Honest Work, The Craftsman Home When driving through a neighborhood, Craftsman homes are e...Read More

English Country House Plans

English Country Homes Stately and graceful, English Country home plans are a popular choice. These homes c...Read More

European House Plans

European home plans are as varied as the countries which make up the continent. European home plans are end...Read More

Farm House House Plans

Farm home plans are typically ones that you might see in a rural, agricultural setting. Early farm house st...Read More

French Country House Plans

Your Next Home Picture your next home as a peaceful French Country cottage in a soft off- white painted br...Read More

Log Cabin House Plans

Log cabin house plans feature floor plans for houses made primarily with logs. If you are going for the rus...Read More

Mansion House Plans

Your Luxury Dream Home Mansion style home plans are often customized to create the ultimate getaway for ha...Read More

Mediterranean House Plans

A Perfect Blend of Architectural Styles Perched high atop rolling hills covered in vines sits an Italian v...Read More

Mountain House Plans

Mountain House Plans are commonly described by where the home is built and not by their architectural featu...Read More

Ranch House Plans

The Ranch, an American Classic Ranch homes are the epitome of the American suburbs. They can be found in n...Read More

Southern House Plans

Southern house plans are designed to capture the spirit of the South, particularly the stately Greek Reviva...Read More

Southern Cottage House Plans

Warm and Inviting It is not hard to see why southern cottages have become a favorite design. They are war...Read More

Southwestern House Plans

Southwestern house plans encompass Santa Fe, Tuscan, Mediterranean and Spanish house plan styles. They are ...Read More

Spanish House Plans

Spanish house plans reached their height of popularity in the 1920's and early 1940's. Spanish house plans ...Read More

Traditional House Plans

Traditional house plans are commonly a unique mix of many architectural styles, modified to meet the prefer...Read More

Vacation House Plans

Vacation house plans are designed for flexibility and for spectacular views. Vacation house plans feature s...Read More

Victorian House Plans

Victorian house plans are patterned on the 19th and 20th Century Victorian periods mixing in the French, It...Read More

Waterfront House Plans

Views and Outdoor Living When designing a waterfront home it is all about the views and the outdoor living...Read More

Cabin Lodge House Plans

Often referred to as Log cabin house plans, a cabin or Lodge houseplan is of often found in hillside, mount...Read More

Hillside House Plans

These plans feature walk-out basements and are perfect for a hillside retreat....Read More

Sunbelt House Plans

Sunbelt house plan designs draw from Spanish, Mediterranean, Adobe and Southwestern architectural styling. ...Read More

Retro House Plans

The Retro collection has classic older plans perfect for those looking for a vintage look! These plans have...Read More

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