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Cottage House Plans

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Sq.Ft. 1800 Bedrooms 3 Width 30-8 ft.
Levels 1 Bathrooms 2 & 2½ Depth 98-4 ft.



Sq.Ft. 5434 Bedrooms 5 Width 83 ft.
Levels 2 Bathrooms 10 Depth 98 ft.



Sq.Ft. 3111 Bedrooms 4 Width 44 ft.
Levels 2 Bathrooms 3 Depth 98 ft.



Sq.Ft. 2155 Bedrooms 3 Width 41 ft.
Levels 1 Bathrooms 2 & 1½ Depth 97-8 ft.



Sq.Ft. 2045 Bedrooms 3 Width 62 ft.
Levels 1 Bathrooms 2 Depth 97 ft.



Sq.Ft. 2203 Bedrooms 4 Width 43 ft.
Levels 1 Bathrooms 2 & 1½ Depth 96-4 ft.



Sq.Ft. 3372 Bedrooms 4 Width 78 ft.
Levels 2 Bathrooms 4 Depth 96 ft.



Sq.Ft. 1900 Bedrooms 3 Width 40 ft.
Levels 1 Bathrooms 2 Depth 95-6 ft.



Sq.Ft. 3076 Bedrooms 4 Width 71 ft.
Levels 1 Bathrooms 3 Depth 95 ft.



Sq.Ft. 2453 Bedrooms 4 Width 49 ft.
Levels 2 Bathrooms 3 Depth 95 ft.



Sq.Ft. 2352 Bedrooms 3 Width 43 ft.
Levels 1 Bathrooms 2 Depth 94 ft.



Sq.Ft. 2033 Bedrooms 3 Width 51 ft.
Levels 1 Bathrooms 2 Depth 94 ft.


More About Cottage Plans

Imagine sitting on your front porch sipping sweet tea. The ceiling fans whirl above you providing a gentle breeze. The flicker of gas lanterns on each side of your Mahogany French doors provide a light glow as the sun sets behind the trees draped over your front yard. You hear the soft sound of voices from the porch balcony above. The outdoor living areas of your cottage are a seamless transition from the comfort of the indoor spaces. Your French style cottage has the vernacular of a historic Louisiana style home with upper and lower porches off the front of the home. Cottage plans are designed to be cozy spaces that are conducive to family life. They are well thought out designs with practical use of space. Modern designs often have open floor plans with areas for the family to comfortably gather. They have well planned out kitchens sometimes with built in seating, well placed master suites often with a view, walk in closets, game rooms or bonus rooms, large windows for natural light, and views of the backyard from many rooms. Porches are common along with outdoor living areas with outdoor kitchens and sometimes fireplaces. Sometimes they have detached garages with covered walkways, or carriage houses for additional living space. They are often pictured as charming country homes with porches that have windows with shutters, decorative columns, gabled roofs, and sometimes open rafter tails. A variety of exterior materials are used such as: board and batten or artisan siding, shingle siding, brick or painted brick, stucco and stone accents. They can be as simple or detailed as desired. Some popular cottage styles are: traditional southern styles, Craftsman, Farmhouse, Country cottages, Victorian styles, French country, or vacation homes. They are popular choices for beach homes, mountain side cottages, lakeside homes and wooded settings. There are a variety of finishes such as rustic, traditional, modern or contemporary. Depending on where you plan to build you have a choice of foundations. In the south slabs are popular. In northern regions basements are common. Mountainside cottages may have a walkout basement with lots of windows. The waterfront areas usually choose either piling foundation or crawlspace which allows 1-3 feet elevation from ground level. Your cottage plan should be practical and comfortable for your family. If you do not find the right plan, we are here to create the perfect design for your family’s needs. Call us to find out more about our custom designs.

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